Saturday, November 29, 2008


This year we had Thanksgiving at our house. Memaw was working so Paw came over along with Shane's Mom (Nana) and Joseph. Shane was a huge help entertaining the children while Nana and I got things ready. After they finished cleaning the garage, they did plenty of swinging and sliding. Yeah Dad!

I think the kids really enjoyed it being at our house because there was plenty to do after lunch:)

Of course they all had several turns on the zip line. Some children share better than others.:) Reagan had a few melt downs when she had to take the harness off and share. She thinks things should ALWAYS go the way she wants them too and I think she could zip line all afternoon if we let her. She loves it!!

The kids also enjoyed showing off thier favorite sleding spot. (a big ditch just in the woods behind our house) Who needs snow when you have leaves? It was a great day!

Holy Cross Progam

I had a great time Tuesday when I was able to take some time to see Hayden's Thanksgiving program at preschool.
The little Indians and Pilgrims preformed many Thanksgiving songs. It was a really treat to see Hayden in his school environment. He absolutely loves going to school.

This is Hayden with his best buddie Park!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lunch with an Indian

Memaw was off on Thanksgiving lunch day this week and was able to go eat with the cutest Indian ever. Paxton was very excited (do not be fooled by the body language in the picture). I do not think that he was pleased with me for showing up with the camera. They were sitting at the table with two of his best buddies and their guest. He is more sensitive to whether or not something is cool than his little brother Hayden.

Good Hunting

It was a very good weekend for hunting. Dad got a very nice eight point this morning. It was a big deer and he was very happy with it:)
The boys went out with Shane yesterday afternoon and had a very successful hunt. I think that it was a small miracle that Shane was able to shoot this eight point. I can only imagine what it was like up in the stand leading up to this.
The boys were beyond excited with their prize!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Those of you that know Reagan know that she normally has no time for fixed hair. This weekend since she was not feeling well, she was still long enough to have her hair fixed. She was my little trooper:)
She also realized that if she sat still long enough maybe she did like that furry red guy.

This morning as Paxton and I went out to help send Hayden, Reagan, and Shane off, we noticed that the cats were not the only breakfast guest we had. This little mouse was just hanging out by the door. I do not know what type of deal he had made with the cats, but they were just walking around him letting him stay. They are normally quite the hunters. The patio usually only has dead mice or moles on it. This was the first live one I have seen. Funny!


OK I have these pictures totally backwards. I am not a pro at this computer stuff sorry. This was really the end of the night. Tinker Bell and my skeleton had had too much fun.
This spook was also down for the count. I think that a good time was had by all:)

Paxton wanted to be very scary so I did my best. He looks creepy to me! Hayden's costume was my first attempt at really making one. He wanted to be a skeleton (but does not like really scary things yet) and it was hard to find one that was reasonably priced. I was happy with my handy work. Wish that it was used for more than just a few hours.
It was hard to get everyone together this year, so I hope you get the idea even though my fairy was taking flight.

Tinker Bell really like herself. I think she was star struck.

Of course at our house for some reason painting is connected to Halloween. This year we used some rocks to create pumpkins to decorate and give to Memaw.

The boys were very proud of their handy work. They turned out very cute!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Friday night my school had its fall festival. This year since I have changes jobs I was in charge of different activities. I had the country store this year. It usually has baked goods, home canned goods, and crafts. Well of course my talented Shane had the idea to go cut some cedar trees and make some benches to sell. He and dad made seven benches like the one in the picture and they were all sold before fall festival even began. (I had one on display all week) Thanks to him my classroom was a big success and raised a lot of money. Unfortunately I do not have cute pics of my kids playing games because I was in my room making balloon critters. I have made enough balloon dogs to last me at least a year. Thank you Shane and Dad! Also thank you Mom and Dad for helping take care of my kids all afternoon while I set up and all night while I worked. I do not know what I would have done without you.

Of course we had a large crowd for the Saturday morning soccer games. Thanks to all who make it out to support the boys every weekend. It means a lot to them.

Shane had to ref Hayden's game this week. For whatever reason his age gets the shaft sometimes and therefore when there are not enough refs to go around they have to make do. Hayden had a good time and really hustled out there. He always has plenty of energy.

Shane's team (Paxton) had a wonderful game this week. They are making major improvements every week. Shane is a wonderful coach and I think these are really special times for him and the boys. He really enjoys it and it shows!

After the soccer games, Shane, Reagan, and Paxton went out to Nana and Papa's new house to work on electrical things. Hayden and I had a jumping party but met up with them afterwards. Hayden has been spending two afternoons a week out at the building site after preschool. He is very at home out there as you can see. He and Paxton had a nice afternoon playing in the sand pile.

Paw and Shane have their new hunting and fishing toy. They got the old motor on and running this weekend in anticipation of their annual Cub Creek hunting expedition. The boat has already provided my children tons of imagination fun (fishing, exploring, crabbing) and has not even left the yard.

Reagan and Houston decided to take a little adventure of their own. Reagan loves our animals. We are lucky that we have some very patient ones. Reagan also LOVES her babies. She almost always is toting a baby. (or she has gotten her dad or Paw to tote it for her)

Hayden wanted to just take some time to tear up the yard. He is becoming a much better driver (thank goodness:)).